Meg Baisden - Thanks so much, guys! We just adore Kaitlin & Jared and I think our love for them comes through in the pictures. Aaaaaaand it doesn't hurt that we had a beautiful day, beautiful surroundings, and beautiful people to work with! Yeah, that may have had something to do with it... ;) xoxo  (7/9/12, 1:09pm)

Carol - Two years later and I still enjoy looking at these photos. Your work is exquisite. Beautiful day, beautiful couple, beautiful memories!  (5/3/12, 9:51am)

Rodney Canady - YOUR WORK IS FABULOUS! You guys were a delight to work with and from the photos I have seen of your work truely talented! Your Friend Rodney @ KaBloom Of Pensacola  (4/15/10, 2:42pm)

Tami - Okay, so maybe I am a little prejudice (she is my niece), but I find no other word that describes these besides just "BEAUTIFUL". I have shared them with friends from all over and keep getting the same response...are these advertisements...  (4/13/10, 1:15pm)

Kaitlin - So is it bad that i clicked "love it" on all of my own pictures...? But really, I do absolutely LOVE all of them! Thank you! :)  (4/13/10, 7:45am)

Linda DiCiolla - The pictures of Kaitlin and Jared's wedding are beyond beautiful. These are some of the best wedding pictures I have seen..totally awesome.  (4/12/10, 7:02pm)

Meg Baisden - Thank you guys so much!! High praise, indeed :)  (4/12/10, 2:42pm)

Tina Smith Photography - WOW! and WOW! These are some of the best wedding shots I have seen this year. Fantastic work!  (4/12/10, 1:24pm)

Carol - You truly know how to capture each and every special moment! Thanks for making Kaitlins and Jareds day so memorable. I have been told by so many people that the bridal group photo thought it came from a bridal magazine. I LOVE THEM ALL! THANKS MEG AND CHARLES!!  (4/12/10, 10:23am)