Meg Baisden - Lisa - Omigoodness, how am I just now seeing this sweet comment?! Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate you taking the time to write - you've made my day! Hope to see you at Pensacola Photo School again someday!  (7/9/12, 1:25pm)

Lisa Hoomes - I have took a couple of Classes from your husband. It has been a great experienced , learning how to make the best of my camera out of these classes that I have taken thus far! I hope to take more from him in my future. When I found the school on Facebook, I noticed his wife had this web sight of her photography business. Meg, I just want to say I love your pictures !! They are unique in there on way! You are a very talented photographer! Every shot you make , it seems to have story behind every picture ! Pictures you take are just superb!!!! I do not know your prices.. but what ever they are, I'm sure they are worth it!!! You and your husband , make a great team I'm sure! I love looking at your pics! You have great talent Meg. Your web sight is awesome and you pics are brilliant! I'm sure you will keep on shooting your best! Have fun and I will always be fan of yours pics!  (7/18/11, 9:16pm)